Monday, September 24, 2007

gOnE foR 2 wEekS?!!!

Hye peeps! yeah yeah.. I know I've been hiding for almost 2 weeks and now re-appear ;)

My 2 weeks have been super super busy with lots of things happened! I don't even know where to start!

Hurmm.... Let start with the 1st week. I was busy with work and more work and more work! I only got the time to leave some msgs on my tagboard wishing my friends Happy Ramadhan, and do fast during this wonderful month :) I've been busy cooking 3 nights in a row! Cooked for Akma and Elina my new great friends, glad they love it! Cooked for Gee and break fast on my 1st day of fasting :) Yummy new recipe! Hehehehehee.... Cooked for Surya the next day and I have no idea what I cooked! Lol...

Then Nana came back from her very loooooooooooooooooonnnnngggggggggg holiday! She bring lotsa goodies from my mom and sis! :) I got my new handphone that I asked her to buy for me. It's the great N73 Music Edition (which they don't have it in Ireland yet!). Me n my bf got the same hp and we love it! It's really a good bargain XD I had class during the weekend. The most sleepy class I've ever been into *sigh*

The 2nd week is fill with more work and work and work and work and I feel like slamming my head to the wall! My brain just can't work properly. I do need a vacation! Like a REAL vacation by the beach! XD

Neway, he was here on Wed, Thurs, Fri, and went back on Sat.! I was at my happiest moment! He cooked delicious meals for break fast 2 days straight! He cooked Bihun Sup Utara on Wed night, yummy!!!! And we had a small get-together with friends on Thurs night to break fast. The menu is delicious! We had 2 wonderful Malaysian dessert, and 4 main dishes, and boiled rice :) WE know they enjoyed the food! heheheheheee.... Bcoz I do enjoyed it!

Okay.. That's the happy + work part of my 2 weeks. I had 1 bad news! My new laptop had a problem! No no no.... Not the laptop. Actually the AC adapter is broken! I don't even know how it happen. So I have a problem to charge my laptop. I'm sending it off to the factory to fix it. It's still under warranty coz I just bought it like 2 months ago. Damn! I can get a replacement myself but it will cost me eu75, and energy to drag my laptop to the shop to figure out which adapter suits my laptop *sigh* ... I'm still waiting for the technical team to contact me and pick up my laptop. I hope it won't take more than a month!

I guess that's it! I'll try my best to put some pics of Ennis and Galway here, probably tonight if I can get my hands on Nana's laptop! :P

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