Wednesday, October 27, 2010

life as it is...

I noticed that I've been blogging a lot lesser than when I first start in 2005. This is actually my 6th year blogging or should I say telling the whole world about my oh-so-boring life. Many bloggers starts to put their blog on private mode after a few years, and I've been thinking to do the same thing.

There are way too many personal stuff in here. All of the guys I used to date read my blog before we starts dating, during, and (maybe) after. I guess it's one of the ways to get to know me. But honestly, my blog entry usually depends on my current mood, situations, and environment I'm in at that particular moment when I blog.

Sometimes I read my old entries and laugh at it! How can I be so childish at times? How can I sound so angry? Did I cry when I post that entry? Do anyone get hurt while reading it? And so many other questions popping in my mind. I know I can never satisfy everyone. I don't even know if anyone reads my blog.

This blog is part of me. I knew I could never just close it down or forget about it. Oh crap! I don't even know why I'm typing all this.

#nowplaying :)


Misguided ghost said...

So, So true.. I just moved my blog to blogspot myself, but I can't bring myself to delete the old one because no matter how childish and silly it seems now; that was once me and I can't just let go of that..

fAirY said...

misguided ghost: yeah so true :)