Saturday, February 28, 2009

me as at 28 feb 2009

Me as at 28 Feb 2009:
  • WORK - Extremely busy and InsyaAllah I can survive the economic-crisis-job-loss stage
  • COLLEGE - Another failure. But I won't give up easily.
  • LOVE- Very very complicated.
  • FRIENDS - Thanks for being with me all this time babe. And happy to meet new ones.
  • FAMILY - Got another nephew. He was named by me. My sis and I in talking terms now :)

LIFE in total???

I just want to be happy...

p/s: is it difficult to be happy for once?


DeLinn said...

fairy, u're the one who have to make u and your life happy. take care! :-)

fAirY said...

Yes, I know DeLinn. I'm trying to stay strong now. There are too many things coming my way.

Thanks to few frenz who's alwiz there for me when I cried, n comfort me when I need one. They even make me laugh n smile again.

It'll take some time to heal completely...

sayangness said...

fairy are u okay darl?
congrats on the nephew, anak abg joe ke or who?
u take care. love u

fAirY said...

hi dura.
i'm doing ok now.
my nephew tu anak abg tony. abg joe br nk kawin end of dis yr. hehehee..
love u too babe! :)